Friday, May 30, 2014

Greek god post



                The name of the Greek God that I have chosen is Ares. He is the son of the famous god Zeus,  his mother is Hera, and he is the god of war.  He is intelligent in war, powerful, and brave.  He was very respected and powerful for his strength, power and , and his time in war.

 In my opinion he is the coolest god to write about .  He has power, strength , and is the god of war.  What's to hate!   I would rather not be on his bad side and I respect him very much.  With the power of this man I would stand down to him and his army v.s me unless he did something really bad to me.  The greatest strength is war, and his greatest weakness is ,impulse he was very weak to.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Did aliens make the statues of Easter island? Or not.


               Many people wonder about the statues on Easter island and I have to, how about you.  Was there anything, weird about those statues maybe that each rock would need to be lugged to there spots and carved so perfectly.  Or the fact that that rock isn't on that island.  What ever it is we all wonder how was it possible, I am surprised that we can do that with the technology we have today, and how did they do it way back then so perfectly.  So my only question is, how?

                                       Body paragraph #1

             But if it was humans who built the statues it must have taken days to get every stone drag it over and stand it up.  This also should have taken many workers.  It would have been a weird and mysterious and also ridiculously exhausting to.  Also how does it still look stunner?     In my opinion it makes little sense.

                                  Body paragraph #2

                Also how could them thousands of years back have such artistic ability?  Its either that or something not from this planet?  It still is possible, never said its not.  In my opinion it makes just ads much sense.  Many people may disagree but how could they do it without any machinery, but with alien technology it may be.

      Closing paragraph 

Its hard to tell how these statues were made, we may never find out.  But we will know some of the possibility of them.  But people will come up with new ideas and the cycle will go on and on and so on.  I will be surprised they find how they were made as a definite.  We will just need to wait.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Titanfall Review


                              Believe the hype, is the top thing people are saying in the gaming universe.  The newest FPS game yet, will be released on March 11, 2014.  THIS IS TITANFALL!!!!  This will be the newest FPS game on the shelves of every game store, this game will be beast.  I know I say how good every game is that I talk about but this takes cool to a whole new level.  This game for the 1st time ever will have huge Mec-robots or Titans that you can play as in the actual game.  This will be a good ride with this game.


                      In my opinion this game will over do all games that are out.  Not saying COD Ghosts isn't good or anything I still love that game, its just now my time will be split because of this game.  This gives FPS games a whole different way to play, also the ability to use jet packs and do some par core this game is sick.  I truly cant wait for this game to come out it will change the face of FPS forever.  With all of these new features who knows what will happen next?

                      Hopefully you have enjoyed!  Also if your a gamer like me you should get this it looks so good look at some trailers if you haven't already and peace.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Call of Duty Ghosts review


         Call of Duty Ghosts, one of the the best Call of Duty ever.  With a great story mode, a great multiplayer, and a great new extinction mode this game deserves to be crowned the best FPS game ever.  Call of Duty Ghosts came out on November 5 ,2013 and is still the biggest and best game now, everyone is playing it.  As the newest COD with only one DLC out and bringing back a legend, Call of Duty Ghosts was a big success.  With Great new characters and so much more to do, this is COD Ghosts.


             In my opinion this is the best thing that has happened to the Call of Duty franchise.  It has made fans rave about the game and the story mode ending is a mystery.  It's hard to tell what happens next.  I have absolutely no idea with that ending I cant wait till the next infinity ward COD to possibly end the story of the Ghosts.  This game has and will be great, cant wait till the next DLC comes out.  This game will have 3 more DLC map packs coming out later in the year and they will be great, I can tell.

         Thanks for reading! If your a gamer who likes FPS and don't have this I total recommend this its a ton of fun.  I will talk to you guys later,peace.  

Russia vs USA hockey 2


                   In the Olympics in Sochi Russia has been a competition since the start of it all.  But now it was once again USA v.s Russia and USA knocked the Russians chance of winning gold out the window.  This is a major setback for the Russians.  In the semi finals USA and Russia met again, after Russia lost to USA earlier they were ready to win this one.  But sadly for the Russians they lost a second time.


                    In my opinion I think USA just has a more organized approach.  Or maybe USA just had a better team.  I couldn't tell all I knew is that both teams are really good and they both compete well agents  each other.  But in the end USA broad  it, and Russia didn't.  This rivalry has been long and hard, wish luck to USA in the finals vs Canada.

                                    Thanks for reading my blog hopefully you guys enjoyed it .  I have been working as hard as possible so I would appreciate some comments for support and I will talk to you guys later, peace.   

Russia vs USA hockey


                In the winter Olympic games taking place in Sochi, Russia, USA Men's Hockey defeated the Russian Hockey team 3-2 in an overtime shoot-out this weekend.  It was the first round of play, but a big victory because of the great importance of the sport of hockey to both countries, especially to Russia.  What is really interesting is that ALL the players on both teams actually play for the NHL in America, but the ones who were born in Russia are playing for the Russian Olympic hockey team.  The Russian team is determined to win a Gold Medal in this sport because it is the sport Russia wants to dominate most of all.  The American team, however, is showing great determination to win too.  The games are going to be exciting to watch, no matter which country you are rooting for.


         In my opinion its important that we take gold,but its much more important to Russia because they are hosting the olympics and they want to make there country proud.  To us any place is good for us but in this case its more important for them.  If we were hosting it would be simmalar but not as tragic to us.  They are hosting so its there main porpose to win this game.  This is what they do so they try to do it right.

           Thanks for reading hopefully you enjoyed.  I want you guys to watch some of te olynpics if your already not.  Thanks, peace out. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

2013 in review



The year of 2013 has been an interesting year, with many new thing and many new advancements in a year.  There have been very tragic things happened also.  Such as the Boston bombing the time when innocent people were hurt and killed for no reason.  But the thing I am going to focus on is the death of Paul Walker.  He was a movie star who was most famous for his many showings in the fast and furious.  


In my opinion Paul was the best in the fast and furious and that his death was very tragic and heart breaking.  He had a daughter and a Girlfriend when he died.  His daughters name was Meadow Walker and his Girlfriend's name was Jasmine Pilchard.   He lived with them in San Fernando Valley.  But it hase'nt been all bad, Before he died he finished the movie Fast and Furious 6 and ended the legacy.     

      Thanks for watching guys.  I want you to find someone who died a tragic death and do this to them it would be really cool thanks.